Psychic readings

paul denton


psychic & medium

During the last 30 years, I have explored and evolved through the experiences of my own unique life.  Each one in turn has led to the realisations of connections, some already present and patiently waiting, others attracted to the increasing effectiveness of my own abilities and energetic visibility.

I aim to provide clarity and address clients' needs and will actively chase questions on their behalf in pursuit of clarity and need.

My own growth has been a long and organic road - punctuated by stepping stones and realisations.  Most importantly, my evolution is not in isolation.  In using and sharing what I am able to give, I in turn receive and grow.  My own evolution is only effective if it is used to help others and their growth.

My intention defines me and my intention is to offer what is honest and REAL

If it isn't REAL, then there is no point.

Kind regards.