Hi Paul,
Thank you for your reading, it was profound and so meaningful to me on many levels.
I am amazed at your gift and so grateful to you.
Every good wish to you and yours.

Bless you B******l

Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. I've never seen anyone who does it like you.
You're bl**dy amazing.
Take care L ****xx

Thanks Paul. It was good to meet you. Your reading spoke to me and was a positive experience. And it was fascinating (and bizarre) to observe you working. Best regards. S****

Thank you S****, it was nice working with you. Happy to take bizarre when linked to fascinating.. LOL.

I wish you all the very best for your future.

Paul Denton

Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. I've never seen anyone who does it like you.
You're bl**dy amazing.
Take care L ****xx

Thanks Paul. It was good to meet you. Your reading spoke to me and was a positive experience. And it was fascinating (and bizarre) to observe you working. Best regards. S****

Thank you S****, it was nice working with you. Happy to take bizarre when linked to fascinating.. LOL.

I wish you all the very best for your future.

Paul Denton

Thank you so much for our consultations today. Really helped. Best wishes A*****.

Thank you both.. genuinely very honoured to be a part of what just took place.

Kindest Regards

Hi Paul, I also feel I don’t get to express my immense gratitude in the right way but honestly You have changed my life for the better as I was drowning in my own emotions and perceptions and with every meeting we have I grow more and more and my life evolves for the better and I can now feel love for myself like never before. You are amazing and magical and I will forever be grateful and keep you in my heart.
Bless you A**  ..Paul D.
Hi I want to thank you for the other day you have made me think twice about things.  x.
Hello C******
Thank you for your nice message.
Paul Denton.

Dear Paul
I am sorry it is a little later that I anticipated to thank you for my reading. 
I felt very calm when I left you after spending time talking through things with my loved one. I am still feeling a little lost with life but trying to stay positive. You have a wonderful gift. I look forward to my return.
Kind regards
C**** C***** .
Thank you so much for taking the time C**** to send such a nice feedback to your recent reading, much appreciated.

Best wishes for the future
Paul Denton

Thank you for all your time and effort yet again yesterday Paul. Appreciate you making the realities of what I need to face into as palatable as possible. Very best wishes, S*****


Thank you S*****, your appreciation is genuinely appreciated.

All the very best,
Paul (Denton)

Just got home, thank you so much Paul, got a lot out of today, most of all release, best wishes, S*****l

My pleasure S*****, Thank you for your positive feedback.

Kind Regards
Paul (Denton)

A massive thank you 🍀 ❤️ 🌹

I needed that on so many levels.

Things make so much sense xxx

(S****  + extra feedback 2 days later below)

Just wanna say , every time I come to a reading with you, I walk away that little bit more content with life.

Maybe because I act on your advice, maybe because it doesn’t seem so dark in the long term.

But, thankyou. I don’t think you know how much of a difference to people’s lives you make xxx

MS****, I very much respect your opinion, so to receive that level of feedback is a special gift.

Bless you💕
Paul xxx

Good Morning Paul,

I would like to thank you with all my heart for yesterday’s wisdom and enlightenment and time and help. I feel so safe and calm within myself and I had a wonderful dream. I am very grateful our paths have crossed and I am looking forward to our journey to come.

Have a wonderful week!


Thank you so much A** for your really positive message of response to your reading yesterday. It was lovely working with you.

Kind Regards

Paul Denton


Paul, Thank you for being so incredibly generous with your time today. I didn’t realise quite how late it was until I was on the tram! I found the session interesting, positive and inspiring. Thank you, S**

Thank you S**,

Your session was very interesting and your feedback was very much appreciated.

Best wishes for your future.

Paul (Denton)


I suppose you get lots of “Thank yous” but H**** and I feel more settled knowing that C**** is still with us…

We love and miss him everyday but after meeting with you feel that he knows that and so we too are more at peace….. . Thank you again J**** and H****.

Bless you , it was an honour and a joy to work with you both.

My very best wishes.

Paul Denton


I Thank you so much for my reading today it’s really put my mind at ease, will be booking in again in a few months 🙂 thank you.

The reading has made things a lot clearer for me and made me sit up and think what is important and like you said myself and kids come first 🙂 just need to put that into practice now, I would love to have your gift and see what you see, your amazing and I’m sure you bring great comfort and help to so many others, bless you and see you again soon

Thank you


It was a fascinating reading and I’m glad it gave you some clarity.


See you again if and when you it feels right to do so.

Kind Regards

Paul Denton


Hi Paul

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday.

I very much enjoyed meeting you and cannot thank you enough for the

advice you gave,

Appreciate very much the extra time you spent with me too.

I will for sure return to see you at some point and will be handing out

your cards, telling friends and family about the positive experience I

had with you.

Until next time, you are doing a great job helping people find their

way….keep up the excellent work.

With my thanks and God bless


Hello J*,

Thank you for such a lovely response to your reading yesterday.

Best wishes for the future.

Paul Denton


Thank you Paul for yesterday’s reading .. j**** 😊 

My pleasure J****,  it was nice to meet and work with you.



Very insightful and interesting experience, from the point of view of a sceptic, I was genuinely impressed by someone who couldn’t of known owt about me – definitely will be going back in a few months time, cheers mate!


Thank you for your feedback/testimonial S********, it was nice working with you. Paul Denton


Thanks for that Paul, it was lovely to meet you. It was a very interesting way of working, you were spot on with key dates…

(personal section omitted)

Thank you for your honesty. You have a great way of working… lovely to watch x


Thank you for your feedback/testimonial S********, it was nice working with you. Paul Denton



It’s m*****, just wanted to message you to thank you for the session last night! After weeks of not sleeping properly I finally feel at peace and slept well last night. So thank you. Also could I pass your number on to a few of my work colleagues and my friend.


Hello M*****,

Thank you for your message and I am so pleased you managed to get some peace and quality sleep last night, long may that continue now.

Feel free to pass on my website and contact details as you see fit. That recommendation is appreciated.

Best wishes for your Future.

Paul Denton

Couldn’t recommend Paul enough…what a truly gifted, warm and caring person. Paul has a unique way of accessing information from his guides that enables him to pass on accurate details/information. If you choose to visit Paul, you won’t be disappointed as Paul himself didn’t realise how accurate he was about key dates on timelines that pinpointed significant events. 😃



Thank you for your review on my Facebook page H****, it is very much appreciated. Lovely to work with you.

Paul (Denton)

I had a reading with Paul which was excellent. He was very accurate about my past and the situation I was in at the time which gives confidence that the future will unfold similarly/the way as predicted. I have found over the years some readings I have had have helped get me through some difficult times and consequently have gained such an interest in psychics and clairvoyants so was interested in Paul’s Spiritual Development Course I came across on his website. I got in touch to show my interest and then 4 dates were arranged to start the course with another lady. I was a bit dubious about attending once i’d booked it and it got closer to the start date but Paul did say it wasn’t just for people wanting to become psychics so I took myself along as I don’t like to cancel things once they are booked and let others down! And I am SO glad I didn’t as I can’t tell you how much it has helped me! I felt such a sense of calm in Paul’s presence and could listen to him speak all day. It was so refreshing to listen to someone so grounded. Paul taught us how to practise meditation, along with several other ways of how to live, in my opinion, a healthier, happier more spiritual life. During the course and up to now I have learnt how to listen, feel and trust my own intuition which is also bringing me a lot of comfort and confidence. It sounds a bit over the top but the course was definitely what I needed and I feel like I am enjoying life again and I have now got a smile on my face and a spring in my step (most of the time!)! Some people have even passed comment that i’ve changed and ‘seem really happy’ – I won’t be shouting about this course from the rooftops as it’s quite personal to me but if I come across anyone in the future who I feel would benefit from it, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

A** *    

Hello A**

Just a quick note to say thank you for my review in Google. It was much appreciated and … I wish you all the best for the next stages of your journey.

Paul (Denton)

Dear Paul

I would just like to say thank you for the reading I had with you.

During my enquiry about health issues you mentioned seeing a machine. As I had already had all the tests necessary I didn’t think too much of it, but two days later I received a hospital letter requiring me to have another test! Also you told me that you saw a tablet on the edge of a table, suggesting it could be optional, and I have indeed been prescribed one tablet a day for a metabolic problem.

Many thanks again for your advice to ditch all the fancy ideas whirling about inside my head which you said I am not really going to proceed with, as I really needed the brain space to relax.Perhaps my dad keeps giving me a nudge in the right direction!

Kind regards


Hello J***

Thank you for your update/feedback.

It’s always nice to hear how relevant readings are for clients, so thank you for taking the time to let me know.

Best wishes for the future.

Paul (Denton)

Thank you for your time and energy yesterday. I found it so beneficial because even with grotty areas of my life acceptance seems to help. This seems to be a time of moving forward with spirit for me so think that will enhance my life .

Thank you again L****   

Thanks for a very productive session. You were spot on about so many things. I felt much more at peace and more optimistic when I left.


Thank you Ri** for taking the time and trouble to message me feedback. I’m really pleased that it was such a positive experience.

Best wishes Paul

Thank you for such a great experience this afternoon.

Many Thanks


Thanks for the positive feedback Ch***.. much appreciated. All the best for your next experiences/evolution to come.

Paul D.

Good morning Paul Thank you.

Kind regards Bh****  

It was nice to work with you again Bh**** .. Paul (Denton)

Hi Paul its L** *** who you saw Friday..just like to say Thank You for making me smile & laugh its been a long long time since that’s happened….I’m still a weirdo thou looking and talking to the stars and moon but they don’t listen anymore so I’m not doing it as much they don’t answer my prayers…but you’ve helped me a lot…hope to see you again soon…thanks again.

It was a genuine pleasure to meet you L** ***. Thank you for your lovely message. Look after yourself. .. (and keep staring at the stars).

Best wishes Paul (Denton)🙂

Hi Paul, just want to say a huge thank you for my reading. I listened back to it this morning and it gave me the boost I need, hope for the future and that it’s gonna be alright 😁.

All the best


Hi Je***, thanks for your great message/feedback.

All the best for the future.

Paul (Denton)

I would like to say thanks for reading it’s so true and makes sense I really enjoyed it

thanks again da***** x  

Thank you Da*****, it was really nice working with you and fascinating to see how your life will stabilise and develop so much in the (near-ish) future.

Enjoy your journey and all the best.

Paul Denton)

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to thank you for shedding light on the parts of my life that were covered to me. I feel much better equipped to live each day being just me. Thank you too, to your very knowledgeable guides.

Love and light, Ji** 🙏   

Bless you Ji** for your message … being very human myself it’s always nice to hear that a Reading connects to a genuine need. I’m very honoured to be part of that, thank you for sharing.

Paul (Denton)

Just wanted to let you know how incredibly accurate you are , you said that I would be going back to B******** sooner than I thought and I have just won a competition to go to B******** in May for a week!

Your readings help me so much and give me so much guidance I can’t thank you enough.

J** x   

Brilliant, thanks for letting me know J**.

This chap is something else. He’s caring, warm and listens. The session was truly amazing and something that I will never forget. My fella is a bit of a skeptic, but was truly amazed when Paul repeated my fella’s pet name for me (which nobody else knows). Been to readings before, but nothing compares to this gentleman. Truly talented this man and I feel as though I have spent time (through Paul) with my father who only recently passed (Paul knew he had passed although I didn’t tell him). Other mediums usually give you between 15-30 minutes, but not this chap. He carries on until you’re both finished. Thank you so much for the experience and I will be back x

L*** x   

Bless you L*** it was a privilege to work with you. Paul (Denton)

Thank you Paul for today, feel so much better. See you again.

J**** x   

Brilliant, thanks for letting me know J**.

I have visited Paul twice now, in the past year and a half. The first time I went for a reading I was most impressed with how professionally Paul does these readings. They are nothing like the mainstream would portray psychic and intuitive readings to be. No crystal balls, smells, probing questions with general answers that could be applied to any question. Rather I experienced clear advice and guidance from Paul (spirit and guides that he uses) that really resonated with me and the questions that I had. I gave minimal information to him, nothing for him to really go on and i was given a wealth of information in return that accurately described current circumstances I was in. He delivers information honestly even if it isn’t necessarily what you want to hear and I respect him for that I know that must take courage. He gave me messages and advice from spirit that were in my best interests and would help me move my life in the direction I desired to take it. I will not spend any more time trying to convince people that this is no elaborate con, hocus pocus etc. All I can say is try for yourself.

The advice and guidance i received helped me greatly over the year and a half that i went before I sought Pauls help again. It also helped to soothe worries that I had about very personal issues to give me peace of mind. In addition to this Paul is a very personable, friendly Man. I felt at ease in his company and knew that anything I chose to discuss with him in the room was confidential.

I would highly recommend Paul’s services as a trustworthy, honest and good natured man who has a real passion for what he does.

Thanks Paul and see you soon, hopefully not too soon though!

Peace x

Martin  x   

Thank you for such a tremendous testimonial Martin. Much appreciated ..Paul

Hello Paul,

Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic reading I had today.  It far surpassed my expectations.  The details you gave me could not have been guessed.  Apologies for keeping you a lot longer than the hour I paid for.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Kind regards


Many thanks L*** for taking the trouble to send me such a positive response to your reading.

Hi Paul,

First and foremost, thank you for your recent reading. Not only did you provide me with some significant details, we had a laugh along the way.

You (and your guides) were extremely accurate with matters from my past and, as such, I cannot wait to see how the forecasts for the future pan out.

The advice you / they gave me was so true to my nature and characteristics and I will be making a conscious effort to improve those less-than-desirable traits!

I would 100% recommend Paul to anyone out there seeking guidance and clarity in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

He is by far the best psychic I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Kind regards,

A***. (Sheffield)     

Terrific testimonial A***, many thanks. I will be in touch about the next development course very soon.


Paul (Denton)

Hi Paul,

This is just a note to thank you for my reading yesterday, it was very accurate and I found it very insightful. I have thought a lot about the guidance you were able to pass on to me and it has really helped me to formulate my thoughts. I am glad I booked in with you and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that is thinking of consulting a psychic.

Thanks again,

Best wishes,


Thank you T*****, it was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you all that you hope for in the future……. Onwards and upwards!! Paul (Denton)

After I saw you this week I realised I have never said Thank you for all the time you have spent with me, and I know I would not be alive now without your psychic talent. So A great big thank you for giving me back my life.

F*** x (Sheffield      

Bless you F***, I really hesitated as to whether I  put this message into my testimonials as it was such a  profound confirmation and experience for both of us.

I thank you for your message and for your friendship.. Love and God Bless.. Paul x


I’ve had a reading from you last year and it was amazing everything you said happened I was wondering about booking another as I’m at a point where I  just need some clarity and guidance thank you 🙂

J** (Sheffield)      

Dear Paul

Thank you for my reading yesterday. I feel like a veil has been lifted and now I feel much clearer about what I need to do next. It was very insightful.  Your professional yet comfortable workspace allowed me to feel safe and your open, warm personality allowed me to trust the process.

I will visit you again and won’t hesitate to recommend your services to my friends.

E******** ( from Barnsley)      

Many thanks for your wonderful feedback E********, if I was looking for an agent I think I would have to give you the job after receiving this testimonial …LOL. All the best for the future.

Regards   Paul Denton 

Dear Paul,

How are you?

I just would like to say, “Thank you very much” for the special and extensive reading you gave me today.

For me it was an extraordinary experience which has had a deep impact upon me. There is still so much going on in my head that I haven’t re-listened to your reading on my mobile as yet.

I apologise for writing so many subjects on my list of questions and I hope it didn’t drain you too much?

All my best wishes.

Mrs As’ (Sheffield))      

Thank you so much for my reading yesterday,  Paul. It made so much sense in the end and helped me to get my head around a few things. The **** /******** metaphor for the relationship between me and ***** made her laugh!

Thank you again for helping me to see things a bit clearer.


S**** (Sheffield)


Thank you so much, Paul, for your incredible reading. You’ve given me so much comfort from what you told me. You have been blessed with a very  special gift.

Many Thanks, C******** M.


I would like to say how pleased I was with your “reading”, recently and how uncannily accurate it has turned out to be!

Everything you told me was “spot on”. Amazing!!

You come across as very sensitive and caring and, of course, confidentiality is appreciated.

Well done, Paul, may you go on from strength to strength.

C********, Altrincham, Cheshire.


From: A**. W – (Sheffield)

Subject: Thank you

Message Body:

OMG.. Paul Denton you are amazing!

I had no expectations of what my experience would be like but it was so


I’ve  got peace of mind on all aspects of my life and would definitely

recommend Paul and I already have!!

Thank you xx


Hi Paul

Just went onto your site to see if there was an endorsement section …

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your special gift with me providing guidance as well as insight  in my life at this juncture…

Your style delivery honestly accuracy was first class and by far the best approach and reading i have had , also confirmed by mum 🙂

The quality of the reading was further enhanced with your fantastic attitude to run with the reading and time literally did stand still!

Thanks again and take care

D**** W***** (Sheffield )


I have known Paul Denton for 20 years and have had many sittings with him. He is always kind, caring and extremely accurate in his mediumship. He has given me great comfort on many occasions when I have been troubled. He is a very gifted person and he has brought peace into my life through his spirituality.

From J********* in Greater Manchester 


Hello Paul

Thank you so much for your reading. You answered all my questions and made me feel so much happier and confident about my future.



Hi Paul

I was surprised and delighted with my reading Paul, you were so supportive and gave me so much comfort in answering my questions,  I now feel  very  hopeful for the future. Thank you so much”    

J****   Manchester